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incoming message sound, but no messages are there

I have had a Moto G phone for 2 years. Yesterday the tone to signify an incoming email made its sound many times, but there were no messages. I checked my computer, and there weren't any incoming messages in this particular email account. I use WiFi at home or at other WiFi locations. Thanks!

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Interesrting. I'd give a restart a go and see what happens. You didn't do any sort of syncing, did you? Has it repeated itself at all? If it keeps happening you can give a hard factory reset a go after backing up.
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Perhaps you have another app on your phone set to the same notification tone as new emails and it's confusing you? Have you checked your notifications on the device to see if anything else arrived?
To Jonathan I, Thanks.
I routinely check my various apps for incoming messages - the other ones seem to be working fine, with their notification tones - nothing else is hiding anywhere.  I use 3 gmail accounts, 1 Yahoo a/c, FB Messenger, and texting.

To Goran, Thanks.
I haven't done any syncing that I know of.  I haven't done anything different lately, except change my various tones 2 or 3 weeks ago.
My phone has an option "Backup & reset", but in that menu there are the options: Backup my data, Backup account, Automatic restore, and Factory data reset.  What is a restart - just a turning off, turning on?  If so, that didn't do anything.  (Yes, I am a senior. ;o)  )
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A restart is when the phone is powered off completely and turned back on. Quickly pressing the power button when the phone is on will only put it in 'sleep' mode. Pressing and holding the power button for a second or two should bring up a window where you can select to restart or power the phone off. It's possible that the notifications may have been delayed. A restart should resolve minor software glitches. If the problem persists, there are other options available. A factory data reset is a last resort option as it erases all user content, excluding content stored on an SD card, (e.g. photos, music, apps).
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One other thing to try: remove your email account from the device and then re-add it.
Thanks to rikkster, and again to Jonathan I: Rikkster, ok, I did think that a restart with a phone was the same as with a computer, so yes, I power down my phone each night. Jonathan I, I was about to try to remove the problem gmail a/c and add it back. I left the phone alone for a day (I'm not as addicted to it as my teenaged grandkids) and yesterday I turned it back on. Magic - no annoying pings without messages. I monitored it again today, and it seems to be back in correct working order. This only confirms my thought that electronic devices are fantastic when they work, and we have a love-hate relationship with them. Little trolls are in them, whose sole purpose is to drive us crazy. Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. Until the next time, then ...