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Incoming calls not working after switching to Koodo??

I switched providers yesterday and signed up with Koodo!! I got a brand new phone but kept my old phone number. For some reason, I can call out with my new phone but I can't receive phone calls on my new phone. When someone calls me, my old phone rings...What is going on?? HELP!!

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I'd call it in to tech support sounds like there might be a routing issue within the network. *611 from your phone or 866-99-koodo
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Just out of curiousity, was your previous carrier Bell/Virgin? It is most likely a problem porting the number. As rocky said, call into Koodo customer service and they can look into whats going on.
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You must be in what is called Mixed Service, seems like the port in of your number has not been completed... Call Customer Service and make them double check with the Port department to see if your Number was fully xfered to Koodo...