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Incoming calls get "not in service" message

Tldr; after changing my plan on the Self Serve app, my phone will not receive any incoming calls. The nitty-gritty: I had the 500/500 plan for 45, decided to switch to the 500/500+500 plan for 40 (who wouldn't? The fact that Koodo, or any other carrier doesn't automatically do this is another issue), so I completed the adjustment on my phone's app. I received an email notifying me that the change was completed and that my next bill will show the change. All of a sudden I cannot receive calls. I am capable of using my data, sending text messages, and making my own phone calls without a problem but those who try calling me receive a "sorry this number is out of service" message. I did not change my number. My account is fully paid for amd in good standing. I have reset my phone. I have checked that my voicemail is still active (it is). I do not understand what could possibly be wrong. Other info: Using Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge running Android 6.1 Located in Toronto Never EVER had a problem with Koodo's service until just now

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Make sure call forwarding is off in your call settings
Confirmed: Call forwarding only set up to voicemail when busy, unreachable or unanswered.

Thanks for the help, though, Chad
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Call forwarding should be off. Your phone maybe forwarding calls to the wrong voicemail center. Try disabling it .
Hmm... no explanation, but it seems to be working fine now.

It started out with no calls at all, then only calls from certain people. Now it seems that there are no restrictions at all. I chalk it up to something on Koodo's backend as they were transitioning my plan. I guess I should have just been more patient. 

Thanks for your help, though!