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In USA...voice calls sound garbled as soon as dialing begins .... before connection.

  • 18 October 2013
  • 6 replies

I recently setup the USA bundle on my phone....everything worked fine until I got to The US. Turn on my phone and all the voice calls sound noisy and garbled when dialing ... data and text work fine. I restarted the phone a couple times with no success. Is there a setting that is wrong? It indicates it is roaming nd connecting to the AT&T network.

6 replies

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Could be a poor connection in the area you are in. Why not try turing 3G off and see if it works any better over 2G? Since 3G/2G are different frequencies and have different coverage areas this could make a difference (but will slow your data speeds). Best thing I can think of trying. Which model is it? You'll need to remember to re-enable 3G when you come back to Canada or your phone will not work however.
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Do you hear the same garble when you use speaker phone or a head set? If not, then there is something wrong with the phone earpiece
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If you using the S2x it has a tendency not to play nice with AT&T The only solution that doesn't void the warranty is to shut the phone down and remove the battery and sin card and then replace both. The solution that does void the warranty is to root it and flash the T-Mobile radio Chad
Thank-you Dennis and Chad for your responses. I tried Chad's suggestion to remove and replace the SIM and battery. I ve made one quick call and it seems to have resolved the issue.
Thanks to all who replied. Replacing battery did the trick.
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Thanks to all who replied. Replacing battery did the trick.Glad it worked out for you. It's just one of those oddball things about unlocked phones and how they behave.