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In the wrong Time Zone

Just Curios if anyone has had any problems with phone showing wrong time zone when set to Automatic?

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Hi Gw, Yes I heard quite a few people who had troubles. You could try to reset the phone (just switch it off and remove the battery for a few minutes, if possible). Or set the timezone to manual and then back, see if that resolves it. 🙂 Whereabouts are you?
Have tried all that and more with Koodo Repair and they could not find a problem and said to just set it manually.
Should be Atlantic Canada but comes up as Western Argentina.
My son has the same phone and his girlfriend has a different phone but same results .
Thought it was kind of odd when Koodo Repair couldn't troubleshoot it.
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Wow, sure is odd! Did you try to set the time zone manually?
I'm having same problem
Mine did that yesterday...
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Hi there, did you try to set the time zone manually? it should fix this issue 🙂
I am having the same problem. I tried the solutions suggested above and the only way it will give correct time on both my home page and the lock screen is to set time Zone manually to Atlantic Canada time.