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Impaired Performance, Battery Drain after Google Play Services update 9.2.56 on Samsung Galaxy Ace IIx

  • 10 July 2016
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After a recent update to Google Play Services 9.2.56, my Samsung Galaxy
Ace IIx GT-S7560M (Android 4.0.4) began to run frustratingly slow, the
battery drained very quickly, and the device ran hot.  [Same issue with Samsung tablet GT-P7510]  Devices running Android 4.0.4 have this issue.  Many other older devices with old OS versions are getting this problem.

Google tech support say to contact the vendor or carrier for an OS update.  Samsung says no update is available for my device and I should wait and wish for one (????!!)

Does Koodo have a updated OS available?

In the mean time I have disabled the service and put up with the annoying messages from time to time suggesting I really need to update Google Play Services.  Google apps such as Gmail, Keep, Map, Calendar, Hangouts and others all complain, but so far they still seem to work or I have found non-Google alternatives for the ones that don't.

Google tech do not see this as an issue because not enough people are opening support tickets (like, people would know what the issue is and know to open a ticket with Google?).  Please if you are having this problem complain to Google - open up a support ticket.  [and if you have a Samsung device complain to them too!]

If anyone has a better solution I am all ears.  I hold out little hope for a fix from a company that suggests I wait and wish.

2 replies

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That device is WELL WELL past its update cycle (3+ year old device) which is why Samsung said that there is none available, they are the ones who update the phone not Koodo. Time to find the Apk file for an older version of the playstore or buy a new phone if there's issues. Nomatter how much you complain Samsung will not spend The money to further update such an old entry level device so do with that info as you will.
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You may want to learn how to root and Rom the device as further updates may be available from third parties like Cyanogenmod or Slim bean. It's a lot of reading and experimenting but it could extend of life of older devices. Be warned though, it could also turn your phone onto a useless plastic brick..