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im never getting a koodo phone again

I got my Samsung galaxy ace a year or two ago and iv had some glitchis on it but not like this one a couple days ago I tride tuning it on and it went to the loading screen where it said Samsung I wated about a minte and it was still there so I left the house 5 houres later I come back and it still is loading i'm thinking of just getting a new phone have any sugestions?

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Well, the Samsung Galaxy Ace is an extremely old phone and is known to be a crappy phone in general. Its a very low end smartphone. At this point your phone is just getting old and these problems are likely to occur with time. I highly suggest purchasing a new phone
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You mean you will never get a Samsung phone again?????? It wouldn't have mattered who you bought that phone from. It still woud have had the same problems. Samsung made the phone not koodo. As per Ahmad, time to get a new phone.
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Galaxy Ace, not my favourite phone, but you might not need to replace it right away. Try this: - Turn the phone off - press and hold the home button (the large, black rectangle) and the power button for a few seconds - the Samsung logo should appear, then you can let go - that should lead you to the boot menu - select "reboot system now" This should boot up your phone properly and solve the issue, without even wiping the memory. If that doesn't work you can try the above steps again but select "wipe data/factory reset" before selecting "reboot system now." This will wipe the phone's memory though.
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Please, for the sake of your sanity, buy something else. Moto G should be right up your alley. In my opinion, this is the era of (finally) good cheap smartphones that get the job done just as well as the $700 flagships but at a fraction of the cost.
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While an amazing device, the Moto G lacks a microSD slot to expand storage capacity. Keep in mind that actual storage space is reduced to roughly 5.5 GB because the Android operating system occupies nearly 2.5 GB of space. Something worth considering if you intend to store a lot of music, photos or apps. If that's not an immediate concern, the Moto G is your device.