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Im looking at buying a new phone online (it is a non koodo phone)

my situation is that i have a old phone (samsung ace 2) and Im looking at buying the samsung note 3 online but im not sure how this works it seems very complicated. i have been looking online for hours and i have come to the conclusion that it is a different size simcard, it would have to be unlocked (or locked to koodo). Can you help explain if this is legal, possible and if so what would i need to do 

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Okay so you want to buy a note 3. You need to find a reputable seller or a dealer. If you're looking for the Note three than yes it'll need to be unlocked or Telus If the device you buy isn't unlocked you can buy an unlock code cheap enough from eBay or cellunkocker.net. It's legal to unlock your phone so no worries. If you need a new Sim just visit a koodo kiosk and koodo will sell you one for 5$ . When you're ready you call into koodo and they'll move your service to the new sim.
If you are looking for other models, the best way is to look up willmyphonework.net and see if that works for Koodo. As for the size Sim card, you can always get a microSIM from Koodo if you had been using Mini-SIM. It's $5 a pop. 

If you are buying a North American phone, then it'll likely be locked, unless specified by the seller to be unlocked (usually through carrier). If locked, it has to be Koodo/Telus to work. If you're buying an Asia-made phone, then it'll most likely be unlocked.

In sum, make sure that it will satisfy 3 conditions
1. Locked to Koodo / Telus OR
2. Unlocked
3. The radio works with Koodo/Telus (willmyphonework.net)

It is totally legal and feasible for you to bring your own device to Koodo. I am using my own device that I had purchased from China, with the software modified, etc.