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If I use the phone for internet how much does it cost?

Is that called tethering?

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Tethering is when you hook your computer to the phone for internet access. How much it costs depends on the plan you have and the amount of data used.
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It all depends on how much data you use. What plan do you have? Some plans have a certain data allowance and you do not pay anything on top unless you exceed that amount in a billing cycle. Others have pay per use data. You can find out more at: https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/plans/index.html Tethering is when you share your phone's internet connection with another device. You do not pay extra for this, but it uses up whatever data you have. However, using this to surf the net on a laptop will result in significantly higher data usage.
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Depend's on plan but, if you are a big data user I would recommend a plan over pay as you go. Just my opinion. Koodo has double data!