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If I upgrade my Samsung phone will I be able to transfer my contacts etc to a new Samsung?

My old phone is not holding a charge so I guess it is time to upgrade. It is a Samsung Galaxy Ace. Will I be able to transfer my contacts etc to a new Samsung? If I purchase a phone on line will it be difficult to transfer the contacts etc. myself?

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It's pretty easy. Usually contacts and such are saved in the cloud with your google account. Since you're going from one Samsung to another from what you've said, you could use Samsung Smart Switch to transfer basically everything from your old samsung to new.
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I always find  a bluetooth transfer to be the easiest.
If you're keeping the same sim card it is also easy to just save the contacts to the sim.
Or save the contacts to a micro SD card and put that in the new phone.

When you upgrade you can also just ask the rep to do it for you, in most cases it really is no problem.
Very easy to do switching from samsung to samsung
Thanks everyone. All went well with the transfer.

Well, you can use Google account to transfer contacts if you are going to switch phones.
Or, use transfer tools, move files from one phone to another couldn't be easier with a phone transfer program. Simply open it, connect both the phones to your computer and click start transfer. Phone numbers, photos, songs, videos and other media files are moved to your new phone. Transfer contacts from android to android.
If you want to transfer data between android and android, there're many android data transfer apps could help, it could transfer data between android device and computer in few steps.You can transfer data from old phone to computer first, then connect the other one to computer and import data from computer to it.
how to backup samsung contacts
You can connect old samsung and new samsung to computer sepatately and use an android data backup app to transfer data between them. This kind of app could transfer text messages, contacts, photos, etc.