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If I switch from a Canada Wide plan to a Canada Wide Tab Plus plan, will I lose my tab credit?

I want to switch to the cheaper Tab Plus plan but I have a credit on my tab. Will I lose it when I switch? Do I need to use the tab credit before I switch?

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The only way you can take a tab plus plan is by using tab plus. If you currently are on tab plus you can change to any plus plan. If not. You can use your positive tab towards a new phone purchase financing all or part of the remaining cost using tab plus.
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Hi Patrick, 

To have access to a Tab Plus plan, you'll need to upgrade your device using a Tab Plus (credit of $361 to $504 on a device and a Tab charge of $15 to $21 a month). Your positive Tab will then automatically be used to lower the price of the phone. You won't be able to keep it.

If you're not interested in upgrading your device with a Tab Plus, then you won't be able to have access to a Tab Plus plan.

Hope that helps 🙂