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If I have no Data and I added the Data Blck with Picture Message on my plan, will I still be charged for extra (aside from the 2 dollars)?

I changed my plan to the $40 unli texts and minutes but I don't have data. I added the data block with pic message ($2) tho. I'm just wondering if I use that whenever I will send or receive picture message, will be charged extra? 'Cause when I added that, it showed the attached picture so I assume I will be charged extra $1.27 for every MMS sent or viewed.

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No, you definitely won't be charged extra for sending or viewing MMS, CJ. It's included.

What happened here is that the $2 data block got prorated, because you added it halfway through your billing cycle. Next month it will show as $2 without any additional charges!
Thank you so much!