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If I buy a phone retail from Koodo can I keep my old $20 plan?

I have a $20 plan that I don't intend on changing if at all possible. I understand that with a tab it is impossible to keep my old plan, but if I buy the Moto G4 Plus right now at its retail price ($400) will I be able to keep my old plan? 
Also how does the $200.gift work? And would I be eligible for that.

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The.gift is for new customers or customers upgrading with a tab.

You can certainly buy the G4 outright and use it with your plan. Edit: I do belive you could use tab small and retain your plan as well.
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I believe that the tab small still requires 28 a month atm.
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Okay I wasn't sure so I check with our liaison There's no minimum spend for tab small so you can upgrade on the tab and keep your plan.