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I used my tabs + to upgrade - was given Alcatel onetouch - Idol to use. Loved it until was asked to do the upgrade & when I did the phone went all wonky- I went to the Koodo dealer at the mall & was told that that happened to lots of people & they were working on a new upgrade that would clear it all up so just watch for it. the manager put that sim card back into my old phone. I went back up in January to see about the upgrade & to have the sim card put back into the Idol that I am paying $9.00 per month for & was told that the tray for the sim card was missing. I was told they could do nothing about it but they were the ones that took out the sim card - I am 68 years old & would not have one clue about changing the sim card - I would like to know where I can get a sim card tray to replace the one that the man at the kiosk removed. I am getting very frustrated.. Please advise.

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Hi Rosemary! Since we can't access your account here on the Community, can you send us an email so that we can look into this situation?

Go to this link http://koo.do/11eMLdy and choose "Social Media" as the type. Don't forget to enter your email address and password when prompted so that we can access your account. Thanks :) 
I'd demand Koodo kiosk manager to replace it....other than that, I don't know your phone model and am not sure if you need an adapter or a tray....you can likely buy either one at best buy, future shop, the source or a telus store. Good luck...ps. Always take the name of the person helping you (whenever and wherever)...then you can say (in example) "Trevor" took out my sum card.....