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i would like to post a review

I was having issues with my new Samsung A5. On July 27 in the afternoon I went to the mall to get help after trying everything I could do via the internet research. My phone was using alot of data and deleated aps were not completly removing them selves from my phone and my music had files in it that were not music.
I was greeted by Nicole with a friendly smile and she then begain to help me. She was not having any luck after a hour so she asked Wilson if he knew how to fix the issue. Wilson spent another 2 hours on my phone and was able to do hard boot and get the apts to delete.After that issue he helped with the problem from of the transfer of my old phone and helped set up my music to run with out issues and get a optimising apt on my phone to monitor the data usage.
Both Nicole and Wilson went above and beyond in helping me. They spent over 3 hours helping me with my phone and in that time they continued to see and help other customers while helping me. 
They were professional and represented the company with Great Customer Service.
Nicole and Wilson both work at the Market Mall 3625 Shaganappi Trail NW, Calgary, AB T3A 0E2

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Hello Colleen, 

very nice to see that you were happy with the service offered. I'm sure a Koodo employee will see this post and thank the 2 employees that helped you.
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Thanks for the review Colleen!!! I will definitely make sure the store manager and the folks you mentioned get your feedback. 
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Would you be able to share the data monitoring app that was installed on your Galaxy A5?
Care to cycle any more feedback about the Galaxy A5, what you like and don't like about the phone?
Koodo is the absolute worst when it comes to customer service...
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Patrice Jones wrote:

Koodo is the absolute worst when it comes to customer service...

Do tell Patrice....what happened?