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i would like better long distance rates like 1 fee a month unlimited USA & Canada .


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Nice idea 🙂 I wish, Joseph!
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HEY THERE JOSEPH! a feature like this doesnt exist. if you have a Canada wide plan all calls made and received within canada are free. you can receive calls from the US and it wont charge you anything as long as you are in Canada. if you want to make calls to the US you can add the long distance saver for $2/month and call the US at $0.05c/min
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Koodo actually did have an unlimited US calling add-on for $25 or $30 back in the day. Not enough people used it, I guess.
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Check out skype2go. Paired with one of Koodos unlimited minute or unlimited nights and weekends means you can call anytime your minutes are unlimited. It's 2.99$ a month and uses no data, just converts your long distance numbers to local. I use it all the time to call my family in Florida.