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I will be travelling outside of Canada

  • 16 January 2016
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I will be traveling outside of Canada and at least need to be able to send & receive text messages en route so I plan to add the 30days international text roaming add-on.  After that I plan to cancel my subscription.  I am the account holder and there are two subscribers -- me and my husband.  My FIRST question is how will I be able to cancel my subscription while I am physically not in Canada.  SECOND, can we still keep my husband's subscription even with mine being cancelled?

2 replies

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To cancel, you have to call in anyways --- not do-able on-line or via text.

1-866-995-6636/ 647-788-4337 from any phone.

Maintaining the second phone on the same account should pose no problem. If you intend to use your phone in the future with any other carrier or a local SIM, you should consider unlocking it first, before you cancel.

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Hi Karen!

You can contact us from overseas by calling 611 from your device or by calling this number from any other phone: (international access code) + 1 + 647-788-4337. The cancellation of your specific line will be programmed for your next billing cycle.

Hope that helps and Happy Travels 🙂