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I went to virgin today but I realised the seller gave me worse, can I go back with koodo?

Hey, i just changed my phone and plan to go with virgin today. When i came back home however i realised that what the seller gave me was more expensive and my plan was worse than the one i had before. I felt pressured into making the purchase. Is there a way i can get back with koodo with thte least fees possible and make it like nothing happened, with my old phone and old plan? If so how can i do this?

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Call customer service or send a private message on Koodo's Facebook page. You can probably get reinstated within 90 days of leaving but you will of course have to settle with Virgin on your own.

CRTC mandates a no-hassle return within 15 days, so don't linger or abuse your new phone.

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Be careful of commissioned sales reps. I used to be one. They're not trying to screw you over; they just have to pay bills too.

Just out of curiousity, what plan/phone setup did you have with Koodo and what phone/plan did you get with Virgin? Which vendor was it, a Virgin store or a multi-carrier location? Was there a.gift card or store credit offer? It couldn't have been all bad if you consciously made the switch.
Jonathan I wrote:

Be careful of commissioned sales reps. I used to be one. They're not trying t...

i went to walmart, i used to have a moto G with a plan with koodo 100min international call and illmited text, photos and 500mo it cost me 37$ per month.
Now i have a samsung galaxy G3 100min local and illimited text for 40$ a month. There was a 150$.gift card, but i don't really care about that
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I see. Samsung doesn't sell a G3 model so I'm thinking it's the LG G3.

Keep in mind your $37 plan might have had a BYOD discount/pricing or something similar; if you would have upgraded, the new Tabs require you to pay the subsidy on top of your plan, so it might have increased regardless. If the phone/plan/subsidy combination came out to be the same on both carriers, the.gift card would have basically been the sales rep's tool to close the sale for a switch on a new act. rather than you walk out of the store. They probably offered to transfer your contacts/data over using an mce machine (store dependant) as a value added proposition. I know the dance.

Bob already provided the advice you need, you can return the phone back to Virgin, but if you ported your #, it's going to be pretty awkward to port back to a cancelled account with Koodo. A Koodo sales person would likely have to call channel care to set that up.
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Hey Marianne! just adding on, the phone number needs to be active with Virgin in order to port back your number over. All the best!