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I was wondering How much it would be for me to upgrade my phone i am on a 49$ plan with a 15$ tab


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It depends how much you have left owing on your tab. What phone you want to upgrade to, how much you want to put on the tab or will you be paying upfront for some or all of the phone? more details will be needed. Some good information here../ https://community.koodomobile.com/koo...
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Hi Rachelle, To upgrade to another phone by the same number you would need to pay off ur current tab on that line. And then you can upgrade 🙂
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Hi Rachelle, 

As Franco said, once you pay off your Tab, you'll be eligible to get a new Tab. Yeh! Click here for info on the Tab, in case: http://koo.do/NwTab

Since you're now paying a $15 Tab, that means that your Tab was probably $360. You'll probably be eligible for another $360 Tab on the new phone. So just subtract $360 from the retail price of the next phone (http://koo.do/1GgRxzH) you chose to know how much you'll pay in store or online when you're ready to do the upgrade. You'll also be charged $15 a month to pay back the new $360 Tab.

Hope that helps!