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I was TRIPLE charged!

I was charged THREE TIMES once from Koodo but twice from "Public Mobile" for the same service charge! Did anyone experience a similar situation? ?

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And you say you don't have an account from public mobile?
Hi Rudy. I do not have an account with public mobile, that's correct. I wish koodo acknowledge it was their fault since the two companies are related. I'm not the first nor I'm their last victim.
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They can't acknowledge with the amount of information you have given, Khaled. How did you get charged? What exactly happened? Where did you see "Public Mobile"?
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So Koodo didn't overcharge you, Public mobile did. I understand that Telus owns Public, but they are still pretty separate in the grand scheme of things. Did you previously try applying for a account with public?
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If you are charged twice by Koodo for the same thing, call them to discuss. If you're charged by Public once, what's wrong with being charged once? I know 1+2=3 but you need to to call in twice for your billing issues: once for Koodo and another for Public Mobile. I'd write to Public first since they're prepaid and I'm assuming they charged your credit card for topping up with an amount you don't agree with
I only got a new line and only line with koodo, never with public mobile. It is suspicious that the 2 public mobile charges appeared on the same day I opened the account with koodo and for the same amount I paid ONCE to koodo for the new line. called koodo and they denied any relationships with public mobile. Caled my bank and reported the charges as unauthorized. My hypothesis is that someone in Public Mobile has found a backdoor and is hacking into the connection Public mobile has with koodo.
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khaled wrote:

I only got a new line and only line with koodo, never with public mobile. It is suspicious that t...

Ok, so from your description your telling me that your credit card bill shows charges from Koodo and Public and you didn't authorize the public charge. That's the way to do it, if you don't or anyone if your household has or ever had a public mobile account. The bank will figure it out for you and don't think there's any hacking going around-:)