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I want to use new Koodo phone with a SIM that has a tab attached to it, is this possible?

Hello All,

Currently I have two LG G3 phones on a tab.
I live in Barrie Ontario and yesterday my Fiance dropped her phone on the ground in the car.
Unfortunately it was in a puddle so I know for a fact that is not covered by Koodo.

It doesn't seem to want to charge very fast now and the battery doesn't hold a charge long.

So my question is, if I obtain a Koodo phone and I place the SIM card in this phone am I able to continue using this phone but still pay off the existing phone TAB?
Does it compare IMEI's so this will not work until the TAB is completely paid off?

Either I can buy a new Koodo phone and then use it that while still paying the existing TAB or I will have to give her my phone to use but it wont have her number which is the issue. 
Unless having two IMEI's on one plan will allow me to switch SIM's between them and I can give her my phone.

Kindest Regards,


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As long as you continue paying off the existing tab, you can swap your existing SIM into any compatible phone you want. The [b]tab is tied to your [b]$$$ account, not any particular handset serial number (IMEI). The [b]service (phone number & plan) are tied to the [b]SIM. Her number will follow her SIM, your number will follow your SIM.
First things first. Get the battery out of the device if removable. Emerse in uncooked rice to suck out moisture for a minimum of 12 hours. Now, the sim card identifies the associated phone number so placing that in an unlocked or locked to Koodo device will work. The tab should continue until paid unless you want another unpaid device on that number, in that case the existing tab must be paid up.
Thanks Bob and Ian.

Very helpful and informative.

Battery is not an issue as if its toast those are cheap.

Thanks again, I wasn't sure if it would sync correctly or say SIM doesn't match IMEI.