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I want to unlock my cellphone what can I do for that?

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Since you have an android I recommend that you get a code off of a third party from eBay. They have full instructions on what to do. Others here have recommended dedicated website merchants that do it as well. I'd look around. Going with Koodo to unlock costs 35 dollars therefore it's almost always better to you have android to go third party.
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Hey Shila! You can find more information as to how Koodo can unlock  your phone on this link http://koo.do/1q5gyTB . You can requet the unlock on your self-serve http://koo.do/1TlXgoX account.  Hope this helps 🙂
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No matter what type of phone you have, it is always more expedient to get in touch with the provider that you got the phone from initially. Cost should not be a factor if you want it done right the first time or have the opportunity to go back to the code provider for assistance. Some third party un-lockers are not that reliable. For your own sake make sure you keep a record of the unlock code in case you have to do a factory reset and unlock it again.