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I want to stop the cancellation of my phone

  • 15 August 2013
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Hey everyone,

I came across a situation before where I couldn't pay off my Koodo tab at a local Koodo kiosk and because of that I choose to cancel my Koodo account (which takes place on September 6) however I am willing to change my mind as I only want to pay off my phone.

1. Is there a way for me to resume my Koodo account (with my plan,etc.) if I don't want to cancel it anymore?

2. I noticed that in my account page, my tab balance is set to zero. Is there a way for me to continue with the tab on my phone but add money to the account so that the tab is payed off?

6 replies

You should be able to go to a kiosk and explain to the reps that you recently cancelled you koodo account, however you have changed your mind and would like to cancel the request, they should be able to call the support team and get them to cancel it, or at the very least write a note on you account and put you thru to client care to get them to take care of it, If they write a note on the account you should'nt have to explain anything to them when calling. you may not be able to keep the same existing plan you had, but perhaps the koodo rep can help you find one that is better for you.
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My only question is why do you want to pay off your Tab if you plan on keeping the service anyway? Koodo's doing it for you each month. Since the account's still active, I think they can reverse the action, but I would call customer service and get them to change it.
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Just give Koodo a call and they will cancel the order to cancel your service. Takes maybe 30 seconds to a minute for the process. Everything will just be as it was before the cancellation order was placed. Glad you changed your mid 🙂
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No need to go to the store... Call Customer Service, explain that you want to continue with the services and then the cancellation request will be removed from your account... The reason why your TAB is 0$ on the Self Serve account, is because in this moment is a pending charge for the next bill since you decided to cancel the line, so once you call to remove the cancellation, your TAB will be put again into the system and Koodo will continue to pay it off... why do you want to pay off your TAB if it is not you the one paying for it? Koodo pays off your TAB every month... at the end, if you were to upgrade with your existing TAB, you will have to pay the difference of the price of the phone in the store, so it will be exactly the same as paying off your TAB...
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Like the others I'd love to know too why people want to rush to pay their tab off, which is essentially an interest free loan. I just don't understand. That said, the only way to pay off your tab in one lump sum is to cancel. You can't add money.
Thanks everyone for the help. 🙂 I just want to pay the Tab off because I don't want to have an additional liability; I prefer to pay off whatever I have. It's just a personal preference similar to how people don't want to be in the state of repayment towards OSAP or something else but that is another story... (acknowledged that interest may accumulate in that) Anyways, I will call customer service in the coming days to sort out the issue. I just wish that the Koodo kiosk representatives at Fairview were nice enough to deal with customer service when I visit their kiosk; I actually had to call customer service from their booth last time because the gentleman wasn't really willing to help. Oh well, perhaps in the future. 😕 Thanks again!