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I want to know if I able to change my plan service while I 'm over the sea.

HI I contacted to one of the agents about 2 weeks regarding to deactivated my plan for vacation purpose however she suggest that I could change to the $15 plans for 2 to 3 months while I'm on vacation instead of cancel the plan so I could keep my existing phone number however I did not know the *611 service was not open on weekend so I was not able to talk to any representative to change my plan. and now I 'm over sea so is there anyway I could do this online or can you give me suggestion regarding my situation right now. Thank you

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Hi Stephy, Just loginto self serve, you can go under plans and you are able to change your plan from there. Select the seasonal hold, which costs 15$ per month. Please note, if you have a grandfathered plan you want to keep, you will loose the plan by switching to the seasonal hold and you will need to select a new plan once you get back. Hope this helps!
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If you have cancelled your service and been away for a while, you will need a new Koodo SIM ---- you won't have service till you visit a point of sale. So for a vacation, the $15 plan may be preferable.