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I want to keep the plan I have and I have a Samsung S4 for trade in plus $95 Tab ballance . How do I do this ?

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Trade-in program is available at Koodo store/kiosk locations only (not retail partners, though some like BestBuy have their own trade-in programs).

You'd take your current phone to the store and they'd upgrade you there to the phone of your choice.

Just a heads up that you will be thoroughly disappointed with your phone's trade-in value.
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Easy! Positive tab balance or you still owe? Don't get a tab large, balance owing you will pay on your next bill or positive balance will go towards cost of th phone. Also you will get more selling the phone yourself on Kijiji, eBay, Amazon, or Facebook sell groups in your area. Either purchase a phone online or go to a Koodo store or third party retailers an it will a be settled.