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I want to CANCEL because

I'm now in Argentina for 3 months. So how do I call you if I removed my sim card when I left Canada (did not want any surprise as I did before with an other provider), sorry, I'm Not going to a special place to call you and wait . . . while I listen to your kind of elevator music for . . . !
I can buy a sim card here in Argentina for much cheaper, with no surprises, on per use!
Do I really have to pay for 3 months for nothing? or the wrong way by just don't pay you for unnecessary billings?
You may say to put it on hold for $45.00 (3 months)! and my number is not even guarantied (as per others on the forum), I don't care I can get a new number if it's a big problem for you, it's no big deal for me, at least I can choose who gets my new number anyway.
Let me a choice when I come back HOME, that would be a plus for you and I would go back to you! No matter the phone number!
OK mobile master, can you cancel my account NOW PLEASE?

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You have 2 options;
1.) you can koodo and put your phone on seasonal hold and only pay $15.00 per-month!
this way you can have your same number when you return
just hit Zero to get put threw to someone.


2.) If you call to cancel you'll still unfortunately be billed for 30 days
and will need a new number when you return. But its all up to you
either way that number will connect you to what ever you decide

Have a safe and amazing trip!
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Hello Réjean and Sylvie! We do not have access to your account here since this is public forum.  Furthermore, Mobile Masters are not employed by Koodo therefore they cannot cancel accounts. Since you're abroad, you can send us an email  with your cancellation request and we will get back to you shortly.  Shay is right, you will be able to keep your phone number if you switch to our seasonal hold plan ($15/month) ; however, you will need to select an in market rate plan once you reactivate the service.  Just to clarify, 1-416-940-5995 is the Telus customer service number; not Koodo's.  Hope this information helps 🙂

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"Do I really have to pay for 3 months for nothing? or the wrong way by just don't pay you for unnecessary billings?"

- I don't like paying for nothing, but how about your TV, internet service, landline, or rental for apartment, condo fee, mortgage, your car...etc?   Do they wave the fee while you are away?
So I think it's a necessary billing to keep your account, phone number.

Melissa gave you an Email link. 
But if you want to call Koodo to cancel your account, call 1- 647-788-4337.
Some people use skype or any other app to call them from abroad.
OK, I give up, and it's unfair. Keep the money!
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If you are on vacation hold you definitely get to keep you number. The only thing you may lose would be your current rate plan, if its no longer available when you return. But regardless of what you want to do, you will need to to find a land line phone to call Koodo from. If you have removed your Koodo sim and left the country you wont be able to use that phone. That's why its usually best to take care of cancelling or suspending your account before you leave. One other thing to consider is that if you have any current tab balance and want to cancel, you will be required to pay that off.