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I want the Samsung S5 in White

hi i like to buy a samsung s5 but there is no white color but black only. is there no any chance to have a white color?im thinking of switching network just to get a white color samsung

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Sorry, Koodo only carries the black model.
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This is starting to bother me. Honestly, there's no excuse not to carry other color options because we know people are going to buy it. Just order less black and reserve some slots for white. Every other major carrier has always had the colours Koodo chooses not to carry. It's been a constant request of each Samsung flagship that's come out (white S III took 2 years, FAR too late into the phones life cycle) and a few other phones as well, including the M8 and BlackBerry 10 devices. Not to mention the iPhone 5S in silver and the higher storage models. Those are more understandable, but there's been a bunch of requests for higher capacity models too. Last I heard the reason for the slimmer phone and colour selection was to "keep costs low". Yeah, for Koodo it seems! The plans aren't any better than Fido and Virgin so that's a poor excuse. The only thing I see benefitting from this are the retail prices of phones go down, mostly unlike the other carriers, so at least there's that, but the color of the phone doesn't mean it should cost more or less money.