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I want my number & info on my cell safe from hackers nd snoopy snakes!

stackers & hackers

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Lock your phone and block your caller ID.

Also dont give you number to anyone.  That includes friends, family, acquaintances, businesses. 

And never click on anything suspicious.  You might be better off never using email and never surf the web, just to be safe.

You may want to read up on Edward Snowden and the programs he discovered regarding mass surveillance. But assume everyone is watching you
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Well we all do! The onus is on us mostly. Practice good cyber and telecom security. Don't blindly click on links or download things. Encrypt your phone. VPN it up even if you want to go all out. Well, real all out would be purchasing your own BES 12 server. Without exploiting a particular vulnerability, make sure you use a strong and random password for everything. Two step verification, etc. All of these aren't perfect in their own right, but put all together, and you can stop all but the absolute most determined of hackers. Be careful about wifi networks you log onto. Don't do random open ones. Etc. There's all sorts of tips online you can find for how to protect yourself.