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I want an S4, will there be better deals once the S5 is released??

I am not a customer YET but after much debate and research I am confident that I will be going with the S4 with Koodo this month. Last week it showed the S4 was free on the large tab but now its showing it is $100. I was hoping the price would DECREASE with the impending release of the S5.....any insight?

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Whatever you do Correen, do yourself a financial favor and do NOT buy the phone with TabLarge. Spend the higher initial cost, choose TabMedium and get a plan that makes more sense. You'll save MUCH more than those $200 over the 24 months that will follow.
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Lets hope so. You'' have to keep checking back on the website to see if the price goes down once the S5 is released. Koodo won't comment on upcoming price changes or promotions