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I've text to 4545 "10 tnt" for U.S. coverage but ...HELP

I've text to 4545 "10 tnt" for U.S. coverage but I'm not getting confirmation, as I usually do. I'm leaving in 2 hours! I re-text ( worried about double billing) but I need the coverage....

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Make sure it's in caps and not separated. I believe it's case sensitive like that. Otherwise if it's not working, you could try adding it via self serve on your computer.
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Make sure your spelling is correct. It's not "tnt" but "10txt" you should be texting.
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Hi there...

Log into your Self Serve app, go to plans and add-ons... Check if the roaming pack is already there, if not you can add it from there... Once it is provisioned in your account you should see it there... Once provisioned, It should be under Manage Add-ons.

Enjoy your trip!!!