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I upgraded my plan, but it has now reverted back to the original plan and my bill is much higher than expected.

I upgraded my plan on November 27 to the promotional plan of $55 for unlimited anytime cross canada minutes, unlimited texting and 3G of data.  During the month, I had been checking my koodo app to make sure that I was not going over my data usage, and it showed that I had used about 800MB of the 3G of data and that I had unlimited calling.  I received the text for my bill amount this morning and it came in at a whopping $173.75.  By my calculations it should have been ($55-plan + $15-tab + $7-phone protection + taxes = approx $86.24)
Now when I check my plan, it shows up as the $35 Inltd Min Plan.

On Dec 24th, I purchased a phone for my daughter for Christmas with this $35 plan....did my plan get changed as well? causing me to have extra charges for the data I had used?

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Have you looked at your PDF bill in self-serve? It will have all the details of the billing amounts. If, after reviewing that bill, you find there are errors in the billing, you can come here and post more info to get clarification, or contact Koodo if your bill needs to be adjusted, or your plan corrected or changed.

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How many line do you have under your account?

Did you add your daughter's line/plan under your account(2 lines)?
Or If you have 1 line and you purchased/upgrade a phone with $35 plan, then your plan is $35.

What plan did you have before you changed to $55 plan on November 27?
You're likely got charged for minutes overage due to proration.

Either way, check your Ebill as David said. And we should be able to explain.