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I topped up but my account status says: "Base Plan Expired"

My plan expires today, August 31st and I just happened to top up using Visa Debit about an hour ago. So I topped up for the first time when I registered my card, but when I saw that my account status was still expired, I got frantic and topped up again (lol). My current balance is $50.00.

what should I do?  Is this a glitch or sth? wah. I tried texting locally and internationally and it's been a success.

I'll be waiting for your responses, and really, thank you in advance.

(btw, this is my first time to top up so yeah :c)

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Hi Danielle, For some reason, after business hours, the system takes a little more time to process payment and credit card registration. I've found that during business hours, the system takes very little time at all. I too did the exact same thing (adding more funds in panic mode). Always check your current balance before adding more funds. The system may still show the account as expired, but as long as you see a current balance, it's just a matter of waiting for the system to play catch up. The account should be restored by 6 or 7:00 a.m. your local time, based on past experiences.
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No worries Danielle, it's indeed a silly system glitch. I want to bet your plan shows as active again tomorrow 🙂 As for topping up twice, that is no problem either, your funds will just stay in your account and will be used for the next renewal in a month 🙂
omg guys, thank you so much for your  replies!! I feel relieved now 🙂

thank you again and have a good day/night 🙂
I am seeing this same problem and this is the FIRST time I have EVER had this show or happen. I have been a registered Visa User for over 2 years and have had the same plan and add on's for as long as I have had this phone AND been a register automatic top up and base plan renewal. Is this still part of the "glitch"? I will keep an eye out for replies and I will check my account tomorrow for safety. Thankfully I only have an extra $1.50 on my account (the 10% savings I get returned to my account each month rather than just taking what they need and not extracting the $1.50 savings so I have to PAY EXTRA CREDIT CARD SERVICE FUNDS on OLD TRANSACTIONS as when cards are paid, it pays your first debts off first and your newest debts LAST, I'm wondering if this even SAVES me anymore or if I am PAYING MORE by PAYING CREDIT CARD FEE'S on OLD TOP UP TRANSACTIONS!). THINK ABOUT THIS KOODO! or I might just stop this and rely on myself to top up each month rather than getting ripped off on one end and POSSIBLY ripped off on the Koodo end AS WELL! I am SO TIRED of paying for EVERYONE ELSE to earn Money as they are telling me I am gaining, earning or saving money when I'm not. I think I can handle a slight, short delay in my phone service, WITHOUT losing anything I have added to my account EG. Extra money, leftover/roll over booster add on's etc.
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Melnor Hunter wrote:

I am seeing this same problem and this is the FIRST time I have EVER had this show or happen. I h...

As stated before, check tomorrow and see if the error is gone, Melnor. I agree it's unnerving to see this, but it seems Koodo is unable/unwilling to sort the problem so we all learned to live with it 🙂