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i switched from virgin mobile too koodo and signed up for the $60 unlimited plan with 2 gigs of data.

When i signed up I was warned my first bill would be a little higher than usual. So that's fine i paid the $85. But now when i look at my billing information. It says my monthly service plan is $76 . When it should be $60 . Whhhyyy is that?

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This is going to change in the coming month to your standard plan. Here it shows on a pro-rate basis. Means one month standard bill plus the extra days used before the billing date. so count the days before your bill got generated plus full 1 month advance bill.

Hope this clarifies things.
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" Monthly service plan  $76"  is  $60 plan + $16 partial charge.
You had 8 days since you activated your plan :  $60 / 30 days x 8 days = $16

You will see all of actual charges on your E-bill when you received it.
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@Samantha, the folks above are right. You are indeed on our $60 plan with 2GB.
Thanks all!!