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I suddenly can't text a photo to an android user, but iPhone to iPhone works fine. I just changed my plan two hours ago. Related?

I just updated to this plan about two hours ago. I went to text a photo to a galaxy phone (I have an iPhone) and it will not send the photo. Tried sending to another galaxy user and it still wouldn't work. Sent it to an iPhone user and it worked fine. Could this be related? I don't know how to fix it.

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Is mms turned on in settings? Restart your phone. Try resetting network settings
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Sounds like your data isn't working. imessage will work through WiFi, but mms will not. Turn off your wifi and try to access the internet. If it doesn't work, try resetting the network settings on the phone. You'll lose saved wifi passwords but nothing else.
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Hi Jaz! Did Goran and Timo"s suggestions help you with your picture messaging issue? Keep us updated 🙂