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i signed up yesterday...why does my usage say i have used 214/400 Mb?????

New phone

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That is due to proration. this video should help http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlXFWWepQ20
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Actually data is not prorated. It sounds like you've been accidentally using internet-based apps or downloading a software update through your data plan. Make sure your mobile data is turned off when you're not using it or planning to use it.
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There are many apps that will require updating right out of the box and it will start doing so as soon as you set up the phone (on some Android devices), also if you select to restore apps during the initial sign in process with your Google account and you have had an Android phone prior to thus one it will restore the apps from your last phone. It's always best to initially set up your phone over a wifi connection IMO.
Change everything you can to only update on wi-fi. This will prevent apps from updating themselves on data. Can also restrict background data on some apps.
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Id guess it was an update that happened when you first got your phone. Which phone do you have? I know when I picked up my Nexus 5 the first thing it did was download like a 200mb system update before I could even do anything.