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I recently bought a Samsung s4 ...the speaker phone doesn't work.

I recently bought a Samsung s4 ...the speaker phone doesn't work. I went to the local Koodo Kiosk and because it is past the 14 day return but not yet 30 days from purchase, I am stuck with a phone they reportedly can't repair until after I've owned it for 30 days. So, apparently, I need to wait until 30 days from purchase are up before they can send my NEW phone away to repair.  I think this is absolutely ridiculous and yet again very poor customer service. Shame on me for staying with Koodo!  Admittedly, I actually was stupid enough to have previously owned a Samsung (I could only use the speakerphone to make calls on that one ....ironic) but as I have an iPhone for work purposes, I wasn't keen on having another one for personal use.  I honestly didn't think my second Samsung cell phone would also be a lemon. I read some good reviews. I would have returned it within the '14 days' for a replacement but initially I thought I experienced bad reception when travelling but then realized it was the phone [while on vacation] just past the 14 days.  Yet, I didn't think repairing the phone would be such a gong show.  Koodo customer service is disappointing. Anyone else experiencing 'a wait to repair a malfunctioning cell phone' purchased from Koodo?  Any advice, suggestions? 

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I'm pretty certain that they can send it out as DOA after 15 days and under 30 days, but I'm not sure. You still have a warranty for the phone so they should be able to send it out. Where did you get it from?
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Hello Christene, 

Thank you for flagging this situation. 

According to our warranty and repair policy (http://koo.do/Kwarranty), your DOA (Defective on Arrival) warranty is available during the first 15 days after the purchase. Nevertheless, even after the expiry of those 15 days, you are still able to visit a Koodo shop with your phone and proof of purchase in order to have the handset repaired. To find out the location of the Koodo Shops found in your vicinity, please follow the link http://koo.do/kdostore (the stores which accept repairing are marked with a black circle).

Last but not least, please send us your feedback regarding your store experience here: http://koo.do/11eMLdy, so that we can take action and provide you with a very good customer service.

Many thanks!

I would encourage koodo employees be updated or trained on policies because it was a koodo kiosk employee plus a call to a koodo customer service second employee who gave me the same direction that I had to wait 30 for my new cell to be mailed away for repair ...which overall is horrible customer service by koodo as well as Samsung.
I am a fool to have stayed a koodo customer.