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I REALLY want koodo to sell the Samsung galaxy alpha

  • 21 November 2014
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I'm looking to upgrade to a new phone this Christmas, as my current S2X from koodo is getting fairly old. The phone I've had my eye on is the Samsung galaxy alpha. I was just wondering if anyone knows when koodo will pick up this phone, or if I could purchase an unlocked version of the phone and bring it to koodo. If anyone else has the same goal as me feel free to show your support too. Would love it if I could buy the galaxy from koodo before Christmas comes by. Thanks for the interest.

4 replies

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I can't tell you if Koodo will carry it but you can absolutely buy it elsewhere and use it in koodo if it's compatible.
Thats part of what I wanted to know. Whether the phone is compatable or not.
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I can't tell you, it may come in more than one flavor. Basics are UMTS 850/1900mhz I don't remember the LTE bands but I'm sure someone will jump in. Edit: Thank you Dennis Lam In Canada you need LTE Band 4. For Koodo, specifically the 1700/2100 part of LTE Band 4 AWS
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If you buy it from Robellus they'll have the correct bands you need. If you get it from Telus specifically you might not even need to unlock it.