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i read that the octa core galaxy s 4 version dose not support lte so will it run 3g ? or will data not work at all if I use this phone o. koodo ?

Will tha data work on koodo network ?

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What is apn ? And how do you enter them ?Thank you guys for all your help. Reason is I got a good deal on one for $280
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What is apn ? And how do you enter them ?APN is short for access point names, basically you need to have an apn configured for a carrier to make a data connection. I think it says in the link I posted on how to edit your APN. EDIT: Paul beat me to it
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What is apn ? And how do you enter them ?APN stands for Access Point Names and it directs your device to use your carriers Internet connection basically. To enter go into the phones settings menu and tap "MORE" under wireless and Network settings, then tap "MOBILE NETWORKS", Then tap "ACCESS POINT NAMES" and finally tap the add icon and enter the APN settings Daniel linked above and save. Make sure to delete any other APN's that were already there and not Koodo's. *The Koodo APN may already be there when you turn on the phone after putting in your Koodo SIM Card so if they are then there's no need to enter a new one if it already exists. Curious why you want to get the Exynos Octacore S4 instead of the Snapdragon Quad Core from Koodo?
What is apn ? And how do you enter them ?
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It will definitely run 3g for sure so data should work on koodo. However if you are getting the octa core version, make sure to enter these APN settings when you bring it to koodo (APN found in this link) http://mobilemasters.koodomobile.com/the-comprehensive-guide-for-bringing-your-unlocked-device-to-koodo/