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I purchased LG G3 and now it's on promotion.. Any chance of getting reimbursement?

I paid off my old Nexus 5 and then got an LG G3. I paid some money in store and now, just a short time later, it's on promotion for 0$. This kind of irks me as any money out of my pocket that isn't necessary is obviously going to. Is it possible to get credited that amount to my Tab balance? I

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Hi there Josh... Happens all the time to all of us... But as you may know, prices change constantly, especially in a dynamic industry like telecommunications... It is upsetting for me as well when I put gas in my car and day after price drops... And guess what? There is nothing that can be done... You could give it a try if you are within the 15 days after you purchased the phone but I guess there is nothing that was done wrong here, we will have to learn to live with it!
Personally I just don't get why someone would trade in from a nexus 5 to a LG G3 but that is just my own personal opinion and not a judgment. Regardless of specs on paper, IMHO the nex 5 was a superior device. To buy a lg g3 now without getting a ridiculous deal when the g4 has been out for a good couple months already is perhaps not the better option; unless the bigger screen or insane but useless resolution was your main priority. Is is actually a deterrent to battery longevity and processing speed. Nevertheless I do strongly believe here that a big company like koodo should have some sort of a price guaranty for a certain pre-determined period of time. This is nothing like the gas industry and its daily price fluctuations on the world markets. It is only common sense and most good self respecting company would already have a such policy in that direction. But that is just my opinion and I can not speek on behalf of the Koodo entity.
François wrote:

Personally I just don't get why someone would trade in from a nexus 5 to a LG G3 but that is jus...

My nexus 5 got broke in a forklift accident (drive over it and didn't realize it fell out of pocket) so I had no choice but to get a new phone
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Is it withn the return policy? Return and repurchase.