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I promote, you give !!!

  • 28 October 2014
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Hello, What I propose is a different way to use marketing communication you already know, using different channel, different way to communicate and trendy techs to back this all up. This would target Android users since they carry the market and they have the money to consolidate this position on a longer term basis. When I say they, I mean the different actors in this ecosystem such as Google, Samsung, LG, Motorola...... Help us promote Koodo to our personal social networks against Freebies. I would agree to have a link and a visual element that would be included in all my post in Facebook for example. you would control the message and the format. I would decide if I run it or not.. You should be able to monitor the passive effectiveness( # of people exposed), the semi active effectiveness(# of people that interacted with the post so you know they saw the ad) and, of course, the interaction whith the ad itself. It's nothing new as it is like the banner concept BUT, this time, the one that dispense the ad, can give some information or refer to a koodo associate when interest is showed. You would have a little army of koodo enthusiast fishing clientele for you and getting paid for it. This kind of reciprocity demand a sort of engagement from both part in the way that this time you cannot just undergo publicity. You need to carry it with a smile.... I think that , coupled with interesting incentive, like phone, data,... could earn you a networked customer base that is interesting. I would work on this project and I would definitely be interested with the concept. I don't remember the number of soft I had pro version for free by doing promo in my different network or by translating part of the soft or correcting not so good translations. My point is that using enthusiast in your customer base to help you, is becoming more than just a curiosity. Have a nice day. Patrick Périgny xxx-xxx-x900

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