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I picked up the Samsung Galaxy S11 x today, loving it

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It's way faster compared to the LG Optimus One I owned. So far it works great.. connected to wifi easily, screen movement is fast etc. I'm glad the Koodo kiosk had a Ballistic case to fit it. It seems like they are difficult to find. So far so good! Yay! 🙂

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Plenty of support if and when you need it too, a lot of us here own the S2x (myself included) so if you ever have a problem, let us know.
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Enjoy your new phone, Shelley! It's a great model 🙂
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Thanks rikkster and Yannick! 🙂
They seem to know how to make their customers happy! Keep up the great work koodo, Glad to see you spreading the awesome news Shelley!