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I payed koodo yet I do not have any service.

I went to reactivate my base plan with the prepaid koodo service and decided to change it from the 35.00$ option to the 25.00$ option, however when I finalized the payment I recieved an error message saying further action was required. It looked like I was going to be double billed so I exited the pop up window and now koodo has my 25$ yet I have no service and the self serve section still says my base plan is not active. Can someone explain what I can do to remdy this situation without having to shell out more money? 

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Did you restart your phone?

Does transaction history showing you $25 for your base plan?
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Hey Taylor! When you do a base plan change prior to making an account top-up, you need to go back to the Base Plan Change page after you top-up, select the $25 plan and click on "Change Plan". Once that is done, the system will apply the balance to the purchase of your plan! Let us know if it works 🙂