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I paid my monthly bill a week ago and it says I have to pay it again?

Hi, I paid my first bill with koodoo on may 4th (due for may 6th). The amount was deducted from my bank account and the owing amount on the koodoo site said 0$. A we are now may 15th and my bill says I owe a bill due for the 6th of may. There must be an error somewhere.

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Your online bill may not reflect payments made after a certain date. Better to check your balance owing in self serve.

I'm confused, what cycle was my payment for?
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Log into self serve account and see what "Total due" says.

Your billing cycle seems 12th of the month to 11th of the next month.
(And your app seems showing new bill for next month added already)
You will receive your bill around 16th-18th If your billing cycle end May 11th,
All is well, the app just updated and the payment is due next June 6th instead of may 6th. Thank you for the support!