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I ordered a new phone from Koodo online, will it come with a sim card?

I'm just wondering if I need to visit a Koodo shop on the way home, a new phone was delivered to me today from the Koodo Webshop but I believe it requires a different sim card then I currently have in my current phone.
I just want to save myself a trip to the Koodo shop if possible, and I have no way of knowing what's been delivered until I get home.

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Hello Adam,

I believe every new phone comes with a SIM card. You could check the invoice if there's been a charge for the SIM card or not.
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Hello Adam,

I see that you ordered a phone that uses a Nano-Sim. I cordially invite you to visit a Koodo Shop nearby to get a new SIM Card, if you did not get one with your upgrade. You can then send us a private message via Facebook or a Direct Message via Twitter if you need assistance with your account.

Thank you! 
Oh good idea. I just looked and realized it say on the email there is a picture that says "what's in the box" and I see that there is a Sim along with the phone. Just my oversight. Thanks
I'll check online if I have trouble. thanks guys.