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I need to upgrade my phone

  • 12 August 2015
  • 2 replies

I currently have an S4 mini with $18 left on my tab and I really need to upgrade to a new phone. Hopefully the S6... How much would I have to pay and can I trade in my current phone? What's the best and cheapest way to do this with a good data plan?

2 replies

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Hi Thomas,

The S6 by itself is 760$. At this point there are 2 possible paths to follow, path 1 being the best and cheapest way. But before I get to that, if you want to sell you S4 mini, do it youself on Kijiji. You will be able to get a lot more money from selling to someone on Kijiji than you would selling it to Koodo.

Now, for path 1:
  • You pay off your 18$ tab
  • You take a new tab of 360$. This will add a 15$ monthly fee to your account, until your tab is paid off. You can keep your existing plan or even pick out of any of the new plans!
  • Total cost of this path is 418$ plus taxes.
Path 2:
  • You pay off your 18$ tab
  • You take the tab plus of 500$. This will add a 21$ monthly fee to your account, until your tab is paid off. You MUST select a tab plus plan, which quite honestly is just a huge rip-off.
  • Total cost of this path is 278$ plus taxes.
Now, you may be wondering why I recommend going with path 1 when you see a lower upfront cost than path 2. Well, take a look at the tab large plans you are [b]forced to take. They are crazy expensive and you also have to add a 21$ monthly tab fee on top of that!!!! With the cheapest plan possible, you will be looking at  86$ a month going the tab plus way. The same plan in the regular tab, with the 15$ monthly tab fee is just 50$ a month. 

There is also the option of paying the phone outright immediately. It will be 760$ upright, no need to pay off your existing tab and you can keep your existing plan. This option may seem interesting for you as you will be able to keep accumulating a positive tab balance since you are on the old tab system. More money upfront, but in the end you will save a bit of money as well.

I hope this clears a few things up for you, let me know if you have any other quesitons
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Alright so to upgrade you'll first need to pay off your existing tab of $18. Then you can either keep your ppan or choose a new one listed on the website thats right for you. You can get up to $360 off the cost of a phone if you choose any lightweight or heavyweight plan. Depending on how much of a subsidy you take, that amount is divided by 24 and that amount is added to your monthly bill for the next 24 months. So if you used the full $360 tab, that would be an extra $15 per month added to your bill. So if you wanted the S6, it would cost you $400 up front and $360 would go onto your tab and for the next 24 months, $15/month would be added to your monthly bill. If you want a higher discount, you can choose a Tab Plus plan and get up to $500 off the cost of the phone.