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I need to pay my last bill, but I am back in Brazil and I don't have a Canadian credit card. What should I do ?

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You could PayPal the money to a trusted Canadian friend and ask them to pay through their bank account. They'll just need your Koodo account number. Or From Yannick:
One option would be to ask your bank to issue a cheque in Canadian Dollars. Don't forget to indicate your Koodo account number on the cheque and mail it to:

Koodo Mobile
PO Box 11005
Succursale Postale Centreville
Montreal, QC

Thank you!
When I called  CBV (the company responsible for charging, I guess), I was told I should send it to British Columbia at Lougheed Highway. Where do I send it now ?
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No no. Once you have the cheque, mail it to the address Chad listed above
Ok! Thank you