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I need to know which cell tower my phone connected to last and when

misplaced phone, need to know last successful connection to tower. which tower and what time. Please and thank you. I know this is possible, i have received this information before. If triangulation is something you ladies / gents can do as well, that would be amazing, but even 1 tower would answer my question once and for all. Much appreciated -Dmitriy

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This is a customer driven forum for general questions and not specific account inquires. Even if they could do that which I don't know if they will, you would still need to call customer service at 1-866-995-6636. Good luck.
Jonathan with Koodo mobile phone support answered this question in 5 minutes. I now know it was last pinged somewhere in the downtown general core, the date, and no usage since. So i must have forgotten it at work or at a buddy's. Thank you again, very quick answer.
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Dmitriy K wrote:

Jonathan with Koodo mobile phone support answered this question in 5 minutes. I now know it was ...

No problem. Hope you end up finding your phone!
you guys are on the ball. Quick replies and forum moderation. I've never had issues with Koodo, keep up the good work ladies and gents! You can close this thread.
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Hi Dmitriy, Take a look at this site: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/3118687?source=gsearch If you had location services turned on you can use google's location history to see where the phone is at a given time of day, but it had to be turned on beforehand. If it was not, do as Ahmad says and contact customer service. For future reference, you can download a third party app from the Google play store that will let you take a look at recent locations of the phone. I'd recommend Norton, you do need to subscribe to it but it offers on the phone as well as the ability to track and lock your phone from being used if you do loose it again.