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i need some help/advice on a broken phone and bad customer service

so the first part of the story is that my mom was the account holder until she switched last month. after she switched she could not log on to her account. She told me to make an account but for some reason i was not getting the confirmation emails and eventually the site told me that i have to account. So i told my mom and she managed to pay, but realized this month that koodo never accepted her payment and then charged us a late fee for that. We also realized that the reason i did not get the confirmation email was because it was sent to my mom, even though i wrote my email in the registration page. and now, i can't even pay or set up an account because every time i log in i get a redirect loop error page. its been like that since friday.
I also have a gaaxy s4 on tab from july and the lcd underneath the screen broke. I researched repair stores and i wanted to see if koodo had a better price so i went to the eaton centre kiosk on friday. the lady at the kiosk said that koodo does not do repairs and that because i have a large tab balance maybe i could call customer service and ask them to reduce my tab balance to $30-40. Because im a student and paying off the tab or paying for repairs is kinda expensive for me, i though that would be a good idea so i called customer service. the lady at CS says koodo does do repairs and asks me which kiosk i went to. Then she says she'll contact them and see what happens, so she puts me on hold for 2 hours. I had to leave so i eventually hung up but i just wasted 2 hours of my time and 2 hours of my minutes. Sent them an email after that but they have not gotten back to me yet. I mean, she could have at least told me why it was taking so long and i understand that it was black friday but 2 hours?? and i didnt even get my question answered. I don't want to call them anymore and now i have to call them regarding 2 issues. is there some where i can call and get hold of someone to talk to directly? also, has anyone been through a broken phone on tab? thanks for reading this long post, really appreciate any input!

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1) Regarding your self serve account (and email), you will need to call Koodo Customer service to get them to fix your self serve account (*611 on your koodo cell or 1-866-995-6636)

2) Here is the link to Koodo's out of warranty repair information http://help.koodomobile.com/getting-started-with-koodo/before-you-purchase/what-is-your-warranty-and...

Usually Koodo will send it in and they will get back to you with a repair cost.  Chances are a local repair place will be cheaper.

I was on hold for over two hours on Sunday and then after dealing with one person was told 4 mins to wait for a manager. It was another 30+ minutes.  Warning - do not get your phone fixed by a third party as I just learned it will void your warranty.  Unless you have their extended warranty it is costly.  Being under a year they should cover it if it's not due to user misuse.  I recently changed form Rogers to Koodo in May because I was told their Customer Service was great but have had nothing but a bad experience to date.

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Angela Howlett wrote:

I was on hold for over two hours on Sunday and then after dealing with one person was told 4 mins...

Having your phone (or any product) repaired by an unauthorized repair centre will immediately void its warranty. This is written in all supporting documentation.
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Hey Stacey! Please note that the customer service you described is definitely not one that we stand for. The wait time this weekend was very long because of the large volume of calls we were getting due to it being Black Fridat weekend, the agent should have called you back once the line cut. We would love to see what we can do on our side to help you out. Could you please send us an email at this secured link http://koo.do/11eMLdy so that we can look into this? Make sure to select "Social Media" on the form, this way it will go directly to us. We look forward to speaking with you!