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I need music thats not blasting in my ears :)

I have a music app on my samsung galaxy ace that came with it, i am trying to put music on it from my laptop but it wont work through SD card. Need a different way please!!!

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It should work fine from the SD Card, after you put the music on the card and put it into the phone you need to shut the phone off and turn it back on and it will then read that there is music on the SD Card
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See the method below...
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Another method would be to turn the device into a mass storage device. It's simple and here's how. Connect your device to your computer via USB cable. From the Home screen, swipe downward from the top of the screen to the bottom to open up the Notifications windowshade. Under "Ongoing", tap "USB connected", now tap, "Turn on USB storage", tap OK and wait for an Autoplay prompt to appear in WIndows. Click "Open Folder to View Files" you are now looking at the contents of your SD card. Create a new folder named Music,(right click, New Folder, in Windows) if one doesn't appear there already, then drag and drop your tunes into the newly created Music folder. To exit out of USB mass storage mode, simply tap the button "Turn off USB storage" on your device, wait a minute or two for your device to read the SD card and then go to your Music app and verify that the music has been successfully transferred. Done.
rikkster.....doesnt work, thats why i said no good through my SD card!! but paul, did not turn off and on, will try.
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Toni-Lee Hackner wrote:

rikkster.....doesnt work, thats why i said no good through my SD card!! but paul, did not turn of...

If you're not able to access the SD card, check to make sure that USB debugging is enabled. Settings > Developer options, make sure the USB debugging check box is selected or enabled. Try transferring your music to your SD card. There is no need to convert your current music files, the most popular formats used are .mp3 or .wav, you may come across the odd FLAC track, but to convert a FLAC track to MP3 would be like converting CD-quality digital audio to cassette tape analog audio, it simply defeats the purpose. The only other issue that would prevent the transfer of music, is if the music is DRM-protected. Android Commander is a useful Windows application that will allow you to get into your Ace and see where all your music files are stored. One pane (on the left) will show your Windows directories, while the other pane (on the right) will show your Android directories. Locate the music files in your Windows directory, select or check-mark all the music files that you want to transfer, then look for the Music folder in the Android directory (/mnt/sdcard/Music). Select COPY from the Windows pane, this will copy all of the music you have selected into the Music folder. Android Commander download link: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B44Nx...
ya turning it off and on does not work. the music files can be seen but when i try to open them it says no application available to open.
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It may be the file type that the music is in. If it is in Flac it may not be support by the stock player depending on the OS version. If this is the case you could convert your music to a supported format like Mp3 or just download a music player that will support Flac like poweramp
so all my music i have on my laptop i can convert it? i will look. i was impatient, so i downloaded a free music app on my phone 😉 it works great so far!!but would be easier to just transfer 😞
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Toni-Lee Hackner wrote:

so all my music i have on my laptop i can convert it? i will look. i was impatient, so i download...

Simple MP3 Downloader is what I have. Works for 95% of the songs I want