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i need more data

I need more data I have 7 days left till my next billing so I cant change my plan to get more I use to get notifications on the internet to add more data for 20$ for 1 gig did not receive it this time how do I get it again?

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I'm not sure the details of your situation like what plan you have and what's included in your monthly plan but from my experience, if you exceed your monthly data allowance before the end of your billing cycle, you will automatically be billed for extra data depending on the rate specified in your particular monthly plan and if I remember correctly, you will get a text message from Koodo confirming that you have been billed for data overage.

However prior to that, you'll get text messages from Koodo each billing cycle notifying you when you have used 50% of your data allowance and then you'll get another two messages when you reach 75% and 95% respectively of your monthly data limit. One effective way of rationing your data when you find you're running out of data with about a week to go before the billing cycle ends is to try and offload your internet usage to WiFi when possible.

You can refer to this post for details as this other person had a similar question: https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/i_need_more_data_mb_just_this_month_how_do_i_buy_more
I switched to a 30$ plan which i think is only 500mg not a lot specially when i walk.each night and use.the s health use to get text message when i reached 100 percent to add more data but this time i didnt i will just call koodo tomorrow thank you for your help tho
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Ashley Barbara wrote:

I switched to a 30$ plan which i think is only 500mg not a lot specially when i walk.each night a...

As far as I know, S Health doesn't require a data connection in order to use any of the features within the app so with that said, it could be something else that's causing you to reach your monthly data cap so quickly. One way that you can monitor your monthly data usage is by downloading the Koodo Self Serve app from Google Play and logging in using your Koodo Self Serve account login information. The app is free to download and free to use and use of the app doesn't count against your monthly data limit. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.koodo.selfserve. By using the app to track your monthly usage, you'll be able to know how much data you have used to date and how many days are left until your billing cycle ends so you can make the appropriate decisions to avoid data overage charges. If you still feel you need more data, you can call Koodo and speak to a representative about your options.
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Check your notification preferences to make sure Koodo is allowed to send you text messages. This is how they will warn you about certain data thresholds being attained.

Some suggestions:

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Ashley, your plan includes 100mb of data, which you have already exceeded. It maybe better off to switch to our $40 plan that gives you 500mb a month.